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fish fingers for tea

Welcome to my shop where you can buy my greetings cards and notebooks online, have them posted through your letter box and make for a happy doormat.

I wanted this website to be more than just a glossy shop window concealing the (often frantic) picture behind the scenes. As a mum to three young children and a small business owner, it’s easy to feel pulled in quite opposite directions. When I worry that I should be making organic cottage pie for my kids, I just need to hear the story behind one of my cards’ journeys to remind me that the juggle is worth it.

I hope the cards help you to say some of the things you’d like to say, to people who matter. Please keep sharing your personal anecdotes with me about who you sent one to and why. I love hearing them.

And if my words can help people to express themselves better, to stay connected, to deliver smiles and to spread a little love, then I think sometimes fish fingers for tea will do just fine.