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posh lunches with important people

My name is Lindsay, I think Bristol is a brilliant place to live, I love a well made gin and tonic and my favourite word is ‘select’.

I’ve always written stuff. When I was 8, and probably should’ve been on a rope swing in the garden, I was sitting in my bedroom writing. I had several stories read out on Radio Bristol at that age and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I went on to enter writing competitions at University and won a couple of big ones in Vogue and Cosmopolitan which meant I got to travel to London and have some posh lunches with important people, and for the first time see my name printed in a magazine. This gave me the writing bug and throughout my pre-baby career I was always involved in Copywriting or Marketing of some kind.

After I had children, I left my ‘proper’ job so I could enjoy staying at home being splattered in puree and clapping to nursery rhymes, but I kept writing – to feed my creative brain which was in danger of emptying and re-filling itself with the entire Peppa Pig book collection. I wrote a Parenting blog for a couple of years before starting The Right Lines.

As well as my own website, I sell my greetings cards through Notonthehighstreet and Etsy, and to several small independent and gorgeous shops across the UK.