The Right Lines - Helping to put you into words
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spread a little love

I love the written word; the patterns you can make with language; the stories you can tell and the emotions you can evoke when something is well written.

Yet I think we’re becoming increasingly bad at expressing our feelings. Cramming sentiments into character limits or sending countless texts never quite carries the same weight. Sometimes we still need something to pick up, to hold and to keep.

I launched The Right Lines in 2012, writing the first range of sentiment and occasion cards at my kitchen table whilst dishing out puree and breadsticks to little ones. It’s now a well established business, I’ve swapped the kitchen table for an office and the little ones are bigger (although still always hungry).

Over the years I’ve heard some beautiful anecdotes from customers about how the words on the cards have helped them express themselves and, more recently, are helping people across the word to feel more connected during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s not stop telling people how we feel. Let’s keep traditional post alive. Spread a little love. Stay connected.