happy doormats.
When I was at Uni, I remember the happy feeling of seeing a letter sitting on my doormat. It would make my day and always put a smile on my face. These days, with letter writing disappearing and sentiments all too often crammed into a character limit, I feel sad that we're becoming increasingly bad at expressing ourselves. For me, electronic communication will never carry the same weight; sometimes we still need something to pick up and hold. 
The idea for The Right Lines came to me late one evening at a friend’s wedding, while my husband and I were chatting and I was pleasantly full of sentiment and Prosecco. After a spot of research I felt there was a gap in the market to modernise those old-fashioned verse cards my Granny loved to buy. Over a few weeks, I spent several hours at my kitchen table, the children watched a lot of CBeebies and the result was the first range of 12 cards which I launched on Notonthehighstreet.com after being invited to be a selling Partner. There are now over 50 individual designs on sale in retailers throughout the UK (and I've switched CBeebies off).
My cards are designed to help you express what you want to say, by starting you off along the right lines. They cover all sorts of occasions and celebrations but it was also important to me to include cards which people can send 'just because'. Amongst Tweeting, Liking and living the Instagram dream, wouldn't it be good to put a smile on someone's face when they check their post? I'd love to keep that feeling going and to make for happy doormats all around the world, whether that's on a special occasion or just a plain and simple Monday.