fish fingers for tea.
I wanted this website to be more than just a glossy shop window concealing the often frantic picture behind the scenes. As a mum to three young children and a small business owner, l often feel I’m not giving enough attention to either. 

When I worry that I should be making organic cottage pie for my children, I just need to hear the story behind one of my cards’ journeys to remind me that this is all worth it and actually, sometimes fish fingers for tea will do just fine.

Amongst many others, they have helped to express a father’s love for his son; encouraged a nervous student to believe in herself; reminded a mother just how special she is; made an old man laugh until he cried; helped a soldier in Afghanistan feel closer to home; lifted the spirits of a patient during chemotherapy and delivered a postal hug and a kiss to friends and family around the globe.

Please send one of my cards to someone special in your world and, if you have time, I’d love you to share the story with me. Then you’ll brighten two people’s days for the price of one. And that’s surely money well spent.